The Pyramid of Power is how all species tribes are ruled. Each role is specific in a way.


Everyone fights in wars (This can range from tribes to all against rulers to against other species.)


A Queen/King (Depends on Gender) rules the species. They will rule until their offspring has a mate male/female.


A Mistress is a 2nd wife. This can happen with a king OR queen. The Mistress takes over the Ruler's position, but this can only happen if the Mistress kills the 1st Mate of the Ruler.

Royal Family

The royal family is self-explanatory. Each royal family SHOULD consist of; 1 mate, up to 4 off-springs. Only 1 off-spring (eldest) gets to marry to become ruler, unless the eldest off-spring is killed (this can be either be by natural causes or homicide).

Tribe Leader

Tribe Leader is the leader of a section of the land. A tribe leader rules that section; A tribe leader can also marry the eldest off-spring to become part of the royal family or if female become a mistress.

Tribe Leader Family

Like the royal family, but for a tribe. Off-springs up to 4, and eldest becomes tribe leader. If the old tribe leader marries to be part of the royal family the next eldest off-spring rules the tribe.


Priest/Priestess tells the ways of The New Star. They also can be an adviser of the tribe leader. If the Priest/Priestess disagrees with the way of the tribe leader, the tribe leader must change the way of what they're doing.

Hunt Organizer

Hunt Organizer is the leader of a hunt. They controls where or when to hunt. They do not need to consult the tribe leader any info except for when the hunting pack leaves.


Middle class people, they can own craftsmen to work for them. They can also own Serfs/Workers to work for them. The noble would get 3/4 of the slaves pay, slave gets other 1/4. Workers are paid 1/2, nobles get other 1/2.


Workers create items for others in the tribe. This can range from special food, weapons, jewelry, etc.


Healers heal everyone in fights. The only animals that don't fight in a war is the younger animals (Up to 1 year).


Slaves/Serfs work all day for nobles and/or royal family/rulers. They work all day, and the serfs all sleep in one cave/field/hole in total.

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