Welcome to the Kituvir Wiki!

Wolves, Foxes, Cougars, and Deer join together for a secret civilization (also known as Kituvir) in the forest. A Devon Rex Cat named Mistletoe (and his sister Frosty) go beyond the shelter to avoid being put down. What adventures will they find?

What is this???

Kituvir wiki is a place for fan-fiction between these animals in the forest, and RP in the chat room! DO ANYTHING (almost)


  • This is still in construction of this so PLEASE save your ideas until I am ready!!! :D
  • Do NOT edit other people's stories
  • Do NOT steal other's OC (original characters), if you want to use someone's char JUST ASK!
  • Don't go FULL FLEDGED FANTASY, not yet at least (teehee!). What I mean about full fledged fantasy is TOTAL fantasy examples include: Powers, Wings, etc.
  • Only one leader of a Ranlioo; pronounced RAAN-lay-who. (aka a tribe/section). This also goes for a Wanalia; Pronounced Wa-nal-e-uh (TOTAL animal leader)
  • If your going to do a battle here's some info here.
  • Be nice! (Simple. As. HECK.)
  • Have Fun!

(P.S. Soon I will schedule special meetings!)

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